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Book Cover for Success With Less by Karen Mangia

At the age of 33, Karen Mangia faced an undiagnosed illness – she didn’t know what to call it, and neither did a team of five doctors. Despite diet and exercise, she gained weight, lost color in her skin and eyes, watched her energy drain away… Who was she? What was she becoming? And what exactly was wrong with her? Through the confusion, Karen kept working, doing, being and achieving – sacrificing her health, her relationships…herself. A last-ditch trip to an unorthodox doc helped her to face a crossroads in her life – identifying the childhood reason for her poor health – and helping her to turn her life around.

A recovering overachiever, Karen’s journey through misdiagnosis left her wondering, “What more can I do?” The key to her success wasn’t tied to her determination, her ambition, her relationships – she had to simplify, and adopt a powerful new formula for creating a life without regrets. A simple realization led her to a three-step process that has transformed her life, her relationships and her health.

Success With Less provides the reader with insight into relationships, career management, health, diet and wellness – because Karen discovered a powerful formula that simplifies the tough stuff. Her journey is one of candid ups and downs: from accomplishment to disappointment, confusion to insight, and ultimately, a simple life-altering formula that anyone can grasp.

Success might be best defined as that elusive something that’s always out of reach. But what if having more started with doing less? Beyond just a minimalist approach to life, this book describes how to have less of the self-created labels and obligations that keep you from being who you were meant to be. “Less” is about choosing the things that really matter (and removing the obligations that don’t). What’s left over is a new definition of success – a success that’s within your grasp.

For anyone who has ever believed it was her job to please others, to keep the peace, and to keep trying no matter what life offered, this book stops the noise.

From a place of clarity, Karen provides the guidance that we all need to get through the crossroads we all face. For your career, your relationships, your health and your life: what you really need is less than what you imagine. And you won’t find what’s missing by striving, racing, acquiring and struggling. That’s because what you need is inside of you, right now. And this book will show you how to find it.

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Praise for "Success With Less"

“Karen Mangia gets things done. Good things for people she knows well, and people she may never even meet. With the heart of a servant leader, keen insight and a strong intellect, Karen offers a productive, healthy way forward.”
“When it’s time to stop the noise and start listening to who you really are, read this book. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. There is a simpler way to success, and it’s easier than you might think. With a fresh and relevant approach, Karen’s message can impact your health, your relationships, your career…your life.”
“No matter where you are and no matter what life throws at you, this book will make a difference. Karen’s journey to find herself is one that anybody can relate to—she shares advice that’s more than just diet, exercise and career. It’s advice about life a life with no regrets.”
“Counter-intuitive and powerful. 'Success With Less' shows how to keep moving forward with ease and confidence, even in the toughest circumstances.”
“For all of us in the Type-A tribe, who start everyday ready to conquer the world… Skip your midlife crisis and read this book. You still can have it all and be happy too, when you’re definition of ‘all’ is the right one.”
“Travel with Karen as she shares her personal journey of how she released her ‘should do’s’ and began investing her time and energy on her true mission: becoming her amazing authentic self.”
“Why didn’t this book exist already? Brilliant! In the world of books melding personal and professional wellness, this book provides a new (and desperately needed) perspective. 'Success With Less' is both practical and inspiring.”
“This book takes the tricky stuff of life — relationships, career management, health, diet and wellness—and offers a powerful formula for simplifying all of it. And thanks to Karen’s candid storytelling, it’s incredibly fun to read.”
“The definition of 'success' has been driven by the culture of corporate America since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Karen provides us the valuable insights on how 'less' makes life balanced and complete.”
“Working closely with Karen over the last 20 years, I saw only the overachieving success part of her story. The fact that she had been leveraging the methodology she discusses here—to overcome many of the obstacles that she endured so gracefully—is testament to its power and its impact in her life.”
“We’ve all been at a crossroads in life. In 'Success With Less', Karen shows courage and vulnerability in talking about the hard lessons she has learned in her health, work and relationships. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Karen. It is a shining light unto the path of all who will read and enable.”
“Life throws crisis moments at all of us—those crossroads we all have to face. Karen shows how to move forward, even in the toughest circumstances. Her story is powerful, because it’s a story for everyone.”

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